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Weaveley Arboretum – Natural Burial Grounds, Oxfordshire

Weaveley Arboretum is a natural burial cemetery within a 30.17 acre site, within the site we will be offering comfort facilities provided within the round house, together with on-site parking and fully accessible pathways around the site.

Transport will be offered for the elderly and people with disabilities, ensuring quick, easy access to the entire area.

Trees and shrubs can be purchased from our onsite nursery along with memorial plaques and benches.

Meadow Burials, native wildflowers and grass provide an area that is open and peaceful, as the season’s change the meadow changes colour as the different flowers come into bloom, the grass moving in the breeze creating a tranquil place.

Woodland Burials have a calming feel with the leaves on the trees rustling in the breeze and the changing colour along with the blossom of the cherry trees.

Cremated remains can be interned within the woodland area or meadow area, however scattering of cremated remains is not permitted.

Visitors are welcome by appointment for viewing purposes. Once a grave has been purchased visitors will have access 365 days a year via a security access code.

Dogs are permitted only if kept on a lead at all times and waste cleared away.

Site Plan