7th August 2015

Progress has been slow on site due to public utilities lack of urgency, we finally have a mains water supply. Hooray!

All trees are maturing well, The Round House should be complete within 5/6 weeks.

Grave plotting is underway, this is a very complicated procedure but should be available within 12/16 weeks.

We will keep you posted.

Any comments would be gratefully received.


September 2015

Offices are now open on site between the hours of 9-2pm Monday – Friday.

Please report to the office and we will be happy to give you a tour.


January 2016

Weaveley Arboretum would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year.


February 2016

We have been busy planting Buxus Box Hedge plants around the site to add some all year round greenery.


March 2016

We have just purchased some Photinia Red Robin Hedge plants which will be planted over the coming weeks to add a splash of colour and go along with our single daffodil on the site.


May 2016

Offices are open Monday-Friday 9am – 2pm, come along and visit us and we will be happy to give you a tour.


June 2016

We finally had the site looking great and the gates just as we wanted them.
In the on the early hours of Monday 20th June 2016 12.26am until they moved camera at 2.42am three individuals came and worked diligently with power cutters etc. to steal the gates.
We have great CCTV and have some very good stills.
We find it very distressing that people should steal from a Natural Burial Cemetery.
The Police are proceeding with their enquiries
Gates were made of African Iroko Hardwood, each gate were 10 foot wide, curved at top from 6 foot to 7 foot. Approximately 448lb / 203 Kilos each.


July 2016


We are now on Facebook, please visit our page 🙂


November 2016

Site is looking great at the moment, check out our Facebook page for up to date pictures.

Please like our Facebook page.


September 2017

Proposed Crematorium


Prior to any interments taking place it became apparent from general enquiries that there is a significant need for a Crematorium in this part of Oxfordshire.

Existing local provisions are under great pressure, this results in long delays before Cremations can take place and hurried services putting undue pressure on families at a very stressful time.

We are in the process of submitting a Planning Application to provide a Crematorium on site. The proposed Crematorium will offer a very high quality experience both in terms of the environment and the time allowed and this combined with the Arboretum will result in the best experience possible at such a difficult time.

We are holding an open day on Monday 2nd October between 10am – 7pm
The exhibition will remain open for viewing thereafter Monday-Friday 10am – 1pm

Please come along and show your support.


October 2017

Thank you to all the people that came along to the exhibition and showed their support and to the Funeral Directors and Parish Councils who have also supported us.

Planning Application has now been submitted to council.

Please show your support 🙂


December 2017

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.